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Unmanned Aerial Systems Open Innovation Forum
A full day event packed with presentations, case studies, technology presentations by UAS innovators and industry leaders. All markets of UAS will be explored from manufacturing to commercial applications - from first responders to agriculture - from energy to big data and more.
September 28-29, 2015 Stillwater, OK

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Red River Angel Fund

Red River Angel Fund, LLC, (RRAF) is comprised of individual investors and institutions in the state of North Dakota who desire to support emerging entrepreneurs and growing companies in the region.

Each member of Red River Angel Fund is an accredited investor. Members select their own investments and join together to support individual companies.

The Fund has been founded by Praxis Strategy Group, of Grand Forks, as a service to businesses and communities of North Dakota. The Fund has partnered with WBTangels, LLC , a unit of Development Capital Networks, to facilitate the investment process, provide connections to technology and capital, and tend to RRAF administration.


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